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C o n s u l t a t i o n s

G e t t i n g   s t a r t e d

I hear your story

In the first consult I take a thorough clinical history, perform some basic examinations and analyse any results you may already have.

Why is this happening?

Treating the cause is a core principle of naturopathy. I assess your health holistically, informed by the latest research on the causes of disease. If further testing is needed, this may be done through your GP, or with functional pathology investigations.


On the first visit, I will usually  get you started on some herbs, supplements, or make nutritional or lifestyle recommendations. 

W h a t ' s   n e x t ?

A complete picture

Once I have a more complete picture of your health, together we can review the results of any completed tests. I will endeavour to help you understand your health, and explain the steps necessary to help you start feeling better!

Let me show you what we can find out!

A very useful test for gut function is the GI Effects. This summary page clearly outlines the issues for one of my patients. A parasite infection, inflammation from a food intolerance, an overproduction of a particular bacterial enzyme, and not enough beneficial bacteria and microbial diversity all need to be addressed.

R e a l   r e s u l t s

Targeted treatment

Treatment plans are tailored to your particular needs. Dietary and lifestyle adjustments are suggested that are doable and realistic for your particular lifestyle.

Assessing improvement

Follow up investigations may be recommended to check for progress. This GI Effects summary page confirms elimination of the parasite, the resolution of inflammation from a food intolerance, and a significant increase in beneficial bacteria. Areas for further improvement are also highlighted. 

Feeling better!

The most important improvement is how you feel! Have a look at my testimonials to see the improvements others have made with a naturopathic treatment plan.

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