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                T e s t i m o n i a l s

Tim has always been a very professional, thorough and thoughtful clinician who I recommend without hesitation.

-Kelly Moffatt.

We started seeing Tim for our youngest son who has many food intolerances and immune issues. Through his guidance we have made some amazing progress. Tim is a wealth of knowledge and is so passionate about helping people reach their best health potential. All members of our family have now seen Tim and all 4 of us are so much better for it. We all feel really comfortable entrusting him with our health goals and treatment protocols are always made easy to follow. Thanks so much Tim.



I was recommended to Tim through a friend. He is very thorough and educated in his field, and open and sincere in his approach. Tim very much met my expectations, providing guidance in improving my health and wellbeing. I feel so much better health wise, and would happily recommend Tim to anyone.


Initially, I sought Tim for massage therapy, but more recently have consulted him for his naturopathic expertise. I can happy validate that he is highly proficient in both modalities. With regards to massage, Tim’s technique, I find, provides relief from tension, without associated pain or discomfort, making the session both effective and relaxing. As a naturopath, Tim is passionate, well educated and evidently has many years experience behind him. On a professional level, you will find Tim friendly, welcoming and completely present for the session. I highly recommend him as a wellness facilitator. 

- Narelle Clauscen

After suffering from IBS symptoms since my teen days I had accepted it was just my "normal". Attempts over the years to eliminate foods had helped but never really resolved the issue.

After a few fertility issues in my early 30s I started to look into what I could do to ensure my body was at its optimum to conceive a child and carry it to term. I thought I would start with my gut health which led me to Tim. A few tests indicated a nasty parasite and a leaky gut issue. Tim was able to explain the diagnosis in a way I could understand and I got started on supplements and a change in diet. 

Through working with Tim over the next few months we were able to eradicate my gut parasite and drastically reduce my leaky gut. Best thing was being regular for the first time in years and feeling great! While I was still working with Tim I also fell pregnant and recently gave birth to a healthy baby. 

Before I met Tim I felt my body wasnt working as it should  be but had no idea where to begin. Now I feel empowered about my health and have told many of my friends and family to get their gut checked out. It is the cornerstone of your health.

I found Tim to be very down to earth and straight-forward in his approach but also very informative. I had a lot of questions throughout my journey and he always found the time to seek answers for me backed up by the relevant research. I would highly recommend working with Tim to anyone - it literally changed my life - Thank you Tim!



After three years of being unable to enjoy life due to a digestive disorder I visited Tim. He advised me to have some tests done. The results were something we could work on to resolve the problem.With the help of herbal medicines and probiotics I am now well on the road to recovery.

Thanks Tim,



Tim O’Grady has been my trusted naturopath and massage therapist for over seven years.  I have been racing in triathlon for a number of years, completing at ironman level whilst balancing full time work and training commitments.  Tim has assisted me greatly over the years with my racing by providing me with naturopath support, nutrition advice and massage therapy.  I am not one for taking many supplements due to the fact I’m a great advocate of naturopath herbs.  There have been times when I have been absolutely exhausted from training and have consulted with Tim for assistance, he has always managed to get me back on track and feeling great in a matter of days with one of his magic herbal mixtures.  As a coeliac with a rare bowel condition it is imperative I have a trusted naturopath who I can work with to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Tim has been instrumental in providing herbal support for my condition to the point where I am now pain free and happy on a daily basis.  As a massage therapist, Tim has an amazing understanding of the human body and what specific sports people require when being massaged, he has this ability to find every tight or sore muscle in your body, even if you intentionally don’t tell him!

- Alana Holben

Thank you for your sound advice as always. With my strong intent and practice to keep myself well I don’t need to see you often, but when I do your calm unassuming delivery and strong knowledge is invaluable. 


As an athlete training for Ironman, I was becoming physically and mentally fatigued and had a range of minor injuries and chronic pain. I’d been to several physios, a GP and a ‘sports medicine doctor’, with no positive results. I’d heard Tim’s name being mentioned and spoken of highly within the triathlon scene, and so approached him for advice and treatment. As a masseuse and naturopath, Tim’s approach was holistic and produced both immediate and ongoing positive results. Appropriate remedial massage, coupled with advice on suitable nutrition and supplements, immensely assisted my recovery and enhanced my training program. It reduced mental anguish, and increased my physical capabilities, including a greater range of movement. I believe Tim’s thorough understanding of the human body and his ability to customise his treatments is outstanding.

-Peta McAuliffe


After putting up with IBS for nearly 30 years and not diagnosed for 20 of those. My Son and Daughter-in-law booked an appointment with Tim for me as a Mother’s day gift.There was a test to find out what bugs I had in my gut. And once he found out what the bugs were and there were many nasties. He started me on a course of herbal medicines and probiotics. It didn’t take long, about 4 months when I started to feel the benefits and my general wellbeing improved.

It is now three years later and I believe that my IBS is under control.

Thanks Tim.

-Dorothy Butler

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